ASCA moves to Bylaw System

At the 2023 AGM, ASCA membership voted in favour of working with the Marketing Council to transfer some regulations into bylaws. In 2020, a move was made to enact red tape reduction by the provincial government and give the provincial agricultural commissions and marketing boards control of organizational internal governance. 

What does this mean for ASCA?  Previously if changes were requested to be made to the regulations that govern our operations it was an extremely lengthy process involving all levels of government. Now some of the regulations will be held in the form of bylaws and can have changes made in a more time efficient manner. 

2 important points: 

1. Only the basic day to day operations of the commission can become bylaws. Things such as director terms, meeting procedures, member eligibility and general rights of producers. Important regulations such as levy contributions and financial operations must remain regulations. 

2. The board cannot simply make changes whenever and however they want. It must still be presented to and voted on by the membership, and must be approved by Marketing Council. 

This process has now been started as ASCA was slated to do their 5 year review of the Regulations due in 2024. Jodi will work with Lisa Bussieres over the next several months to review all 3 sets of regulations and move what can be into the bylaws. At the 2023 Fall Meeting it will be presented again for final consultation to the membership. Then it will be voted on by producers to establish the bylaws at the 2024 AGM. 

You can access all 3 current regulation packages under the membership portal for review. If you have any questions regarding the reasoning or the process please contact Jodi at the office for further discussions.