About ASCA

The Alfalfa Seed Commission (Alberta) is a farmer directed progressive organization headquartered in Brooks, Alberta and serving primarily Southern Alberta. Our main purpose is to initiate and promote activities that enhance the viability of the alfalfa seed and leafcutter bee industries in the area. The commission operates under the authority of the Alberta Agricultural Products Marketing Council. Alfalfa, a plant of the pea family grown primarily for forage, especially as hay. It is one of the most useful and widely grown hay crops in the world.

Why Alfalfa? Because of its high protein content, alfalfa is used as a food for almost all farm animals as hay, as silage, or as a temporary pasture crop. Because of its nitrogen-fixing properties, it is used in crop rotation to improve soil for other crops. When planted in combination with grasses, it helps prevent soil erosion. Alfalfa is also grown commercially for seed in arid or semiarid regions. Dehydrated alfalfa is ground into meal and used in feeding poultry and livestock. Indirectly, alfalfa is a source of honey, because neighboring honeybees gather substantial quantities of nectar from alfalfa flowers.

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