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Read Notes on the Use of Vapona

Reglone/Reglone Ion/Dessica/Stage and others contain Diquat. Diquat is severely irritating to eyes and moderately irritating to skin. Diquat may cause burns on contact. Intake can cause kidney failure and liver damage. Follow all necessary safety precautions to prevent exposure. Fact Sheet

Have a safe harvest.

Read about what’s going on - 2017 ASCA Summer News Letter

URMULE has approved the use of Serenade Opti (QST 713 strain of dried Bacillus subtilis), for suppression of Blossom Blight (Botrytis cinerea) on Alfalfa in Canada

Beleaf™ label expansion
On December 23, 2016 a (Category B) label expansion for Beleaf™ 50SG (flonicamid) was submitted to the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA). Should the PMRA approve this use, alfalfa screenings treated with Beleaf™ 50SG could be used as feed and bedding. The review timelines for a Category B submission range from 158 to 470 days. A few additional months may be required to add this use to the label – suggesting that screenings could be used as feed or bedding at some point between the fall season of 2017 and the fall season of 2018. Screenings could be held in storage until this use is added to the label – and then sold afterwards.

November 2016:
FGI has released the following letter regarding GM Alfalfa.

How You Can Help

Dr. Bing-Rui Ni - United AgTechnologies, Seed Coatings in Alfalfa Seed Production >>
In the spring of 2016 Dr. Ni was invited to talk to alfalfa seed growers regarding his work on seed spacing and seed coatings. The information that Dr. Ni presented was very informative and well received by the audience. Click on the link to view his presentation.

Blossom Blight
We recently received an APWS (A Priority Without Solution) for blossom blight on alfalfa. This will give us the opportunity to initiate screening trials for a range of candidate active ingredients to control the pest. The Pest Management Centre (Ottawa) will be in charge of the project. Once (if) a candidate active ingredient is selected through the screening process, this active will automatically receive a Category A for data to be generated, the registration package to be put together and the submission made to the Pest Management Regulatory Agency.

The Alberta Agriculture Farm and Ranch Safety Coalition (AgCoalition) has launched their new website. Their hope is to use this website to promote awareness of their progress in working with the government to ensure producer participation in policy development.

New & Old Board Members
It is with deep gratitude that we say farewell to Darren Nikkel, Gordon Frank, and Aaron VanEe. Their influences on the board have been notably impactful in the past and they will be missed at our monthly board meetings. As a result of the elections held in the spring (2016) we are pleased to welcome our newest board members Alex Geerligs and Chad Skrove, and to welcome our highly regarded advisor Brian Slenders, into the position of President.


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