The refund requirements are outlined in the ALBERTA REGULATION 223/2009, Marketing of Agricultural Products Act, ALFALFA SEED COMMISSION REGULATION Section 6

Refund of service charge

6(1) A producer may request a refund of a service charge that has been paid in respect of the producer’s regulated product.

(2) The request must

         (a) be made in writing and in the form and manner required by the Commission,
         (b) be received by the Commission at its office no later than December 31 of the year in which it was deductible, and
         (c) include the following:
                  (i) the producer’s name, mailing address and telephone number;
                  (ii) the dealer’s name, address and telephone number;
                  (iii) the location where the regulated product was grown;
                  (iv) the total sale price and quantity of the regulated product;
                  (v) the type and crop class of the regulated product, if known;
                  (vi) any other information required by the Commission for the purposes of the Plan.

(3) The Commission shall not refund a service change if the request is not submitted as required by subsection (2)(b) unless the Commission is satisfied that there are extenuating circumstances and it is appropriate to do so.

(4) If an application in accordance with subsection (2) is received by the Commission, it shall refund the service charge no later than April 30 of the year following the year in which it was collected.

A refund of the paid levy can be requested by writing a letter to the General Manager of the Alfalfa Seed Commission (Alberta).

The letter should outline the information requested in Section 6(2), points i) to v), of the Alfalfa Seed Commission Regulation. A copy of the invoice to the producer from the company which collected the levy should be attached as proof that a deduction was made when the product was sold.

The deadline for the letter is December 31 of the year in which the levy was deducted.