CoCoon Testing Centre

The Cocoon Testing Centre will be open from Nov 19, 2018- April 17, 2019

Telephone: 403-362-0453 | Email:

Christmas closing date to be announced later in the season

Hours are 9:00a.m.-12:00 & 1:00 -3:00p.m Mon-Thur & 9:00 a.m -1:00 p.m on Fridays

Sample Bags are still available to all producers (free of charge) please call/ email the lab and we can send them out or if you’re in Alberta you can get them at the Fall/Winter Alfalfa Seed Commission meeting, or by stopping at the lab.

X-Ray Analysis: live count, parasites, machine damage, Chalkbrood, etc.
$71.43 + $3.57 (GST) = $75.00

Sex Ratio: includes an x-ray analysis & female count, Allow 6-8 week
(Samples must be sent in by March 9/19)
$142.86+ $7.14 (GST) = $150.00

Chalkbrood only 47.62 + 2.38 (GST)=$50.00

VERY IMPORTANT: All samples are done on a 1st come 1st BOOKED BASIS

Please call to book your samples in @ 403-362-0453.  Have your total sample numbers as well as your name & phone #. Samples will be processed by booking date and not received date.  

The procedure will be as follows:

Kelly Rasmussen- Gen Manager/Lab Technician                                  Jane Kopec -Lab Technician